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Dominant. Diabolical.
Devil Incarnate. 

Mistress Lenora Sophia Chicago USA Dominatrix Adult Services BDSM

"Dulce puella malum est."

The Woman is a sweet poison.

My journey toward BDSM has been sown by the seeds of every lovestruck suitor throughout My burgeoning Womanhood. A potent combination of femininity and intellect has been My source of power from the very beginning, and I continue to wield these with purpose and impunity, until every last wretched creature is flattened under My heel.

I have been studying the art of Domination and practicing professionally for the last seven years. The techniques I have honed over this time span from mild to wild, traditional to innovative. My backgrounds in Medicine, Psychology, and Entertainment are all utilised in the varying aspects of My craft. To Me, BDSM is the most transcendental sensual delight a human can experience, and I strive to use these power dynamics to guide My submissives in their own journeys of self-discovery, breaking them down to their crudest components, and then rebuilding them into stronger, more empathetic humans. This carnal slow dance toward enlightenment is My birth right to bestow onto you, My beautiful and delicate seekers.

Crawl to Me, and know what it means to be delivered into the hands of a Goddess.

Chicago Dominatrix BDSM Adult Services Mistress Lenora Sophia

I'm turned on by:

sissies, wimps, sluts, generosity, desperation, acts of service, gifts and love letters

I do not tolerate:

boundary-pushers, cheapskates, selfishness, laziness, insolence



HEIGHT:                  5'0"

WEIGHT:                  115 lbs

MEASUREMENTS:    36 - 25 - 36

DRESS SIZE:           S/2 (US),  6 (UK),  38 (IT),  34 (FR)

SHOE SIZE:              6 (US),  3.5 (UK),  36 (IT),  37 (FR)

LINGERIE SIZE:        S / 32D


Book a Session

Now that you've read through My pages and drooled over My photos, you're ready for the transcendent experience of serving Me. Here comes the most thrilling part: paperwork!

If you are a returning client, you may skip this step and go straight to My email. For the rest of you, an initial $20 tribute is appreciated, payable via CashApp. This assures Me that you are serious about booking, in addition to compensating Me for the time I will spend processing your information. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN THE NOTES OF YOUR ONLINE TRIBUTES TO INDICATE THIS IS A FEE OR FOR A SESSION


For some newcomers, the thoroughness of this process might seem intimidating. Understand that we are about to embark on an incredibly intimate journey together, and the more I get to know about you, the more prepared I can be to give you the best (and safest) encounter possible. Rest assured that the information you disclose herein is purged from this site as soon as I receive it, and will be used with the utmost discretion (see My confidentiality statement on the last page of this form). This is an important step toward our building a strong, trusting bond.

If you have any concerns or reservations before you jump in, I offer a 30 minute Skype consultation at a rate of $60. Be sure to include your availability and method of tribute in your request. We can address any questions you have during this time.

Best of luck...

Booking Application
(required for all newcomers)

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, you must have reviewed all information on this site, including all policies, terms & conditions.
I have no use for supplicants who fail to follow simple instructions. This is your first test, don't screw it up!

How did you find Me?

I practice within the principles of R.A.C.K. and therefore invite you to fill out My detailed Kink Profile and Medical History Form. This step is not required, but highly recommended for new or returning clients who wish to ensure an optimally satisfying and safe experience.


Connect With Me

Are you a new client looking to book a session with Me? Go to My Booking page.

Other serious enquiries can be made via email at

If you're looking for some Distance Domination, find me here:

IMPORTANT: Never mention IRL meetups on NiteFlirt or Sextpanther! This is a violation of their Terms of Service and will result in your immediate block. In fact, take the time to read through their ToS and familiarize yourself with site policy before you put My account at risk for being shut down.

My very best disciples know to impress Me with luxuries:

I don't want to miss your presents...
Please send tracking/arrival info to My email so I know when to pick them up!

Follow My announcements, experiences, and general amusements:

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I accept the following forms of tribute:

cash-icon (1).jpg


I do not accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, gift cards or cryptocurrency as tribute.

Frustrated by your limited options? Educate yourself about banking discrimination and lobby your representatives to put an end to it!

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