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I am very selective about who I accept to serve Me.

This is an opportunity for you to ask: "How can i be the very BEST for Mistress?"

do and dont w_b.jpg

DO pay tributes on time, in full, and without My having to ask twice (or at all). Good subs send!

DON'T attempt to negotiate My hard limits, rates, or terms. This is coecive, abusive behavior and I will not tolerate it. I will never bend for you, and boundary-pushing will get you blocked.

DO be 100% honest and transparent on your booking application and during screening. It is very important that I have all the information I need to be prepared for our sessions. Not only is this critical for purposes of safety and consent, but it ensures that I am able to provide you with the best experience possible. If you withhold information and don't get what you want, that's on you! 

DON'T expect constant, unpaid interactions from Me. I do not give away emotional labour for free. If you wish to discuss anything in detail, you may book a phone, text or Skype consultation.

DO look after your hygeine. Arrive at our sessions clean and well presented. Shower, shave, and trim/file your fingernails and toenails. Forego fragrances, and heavy hair products that become sticky or run when you sweat. Cleanse your body inside and out before our session if necessary (see FAQ). Only a sub who respects their own body becomes worthy of offering it to their Mistress.

DON'T show up to your session under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will be immediately turned away and forfeit all tributes and deposits paid. This is an area in which I also expect you to know and communicate your limits. I am an experienced Bartender, and well trained to spot the early signs of intoxication (often times before the person is even aware of it), so you must defer to Me at all times when I give you direction both before and during scenes.

DO be of use to your Mistress outside the session. Send tributes, gifts, and tokens of appreciation. Offer your services only for things that you can do better than others, and pay for My time being with you while you are serving Me. Are you an expert at web design, hand-crafted dungeon equipment, or gardening? Are you an absolute shark of an attorney? (I can always use a good attorney in My corner.) Are you a social media whiz with a broad reach? Are you an efficient shopper, errander, or travel assistant? Perhaps your tangible skills are lacking, but you can still afford to pay for My domains or ad space. Become indispensable to Me and I will take notice, and subsequently favor you as a thoughtful, dutiful disciple. Gifts and service are My love languages! Note that service is the duty of every submissive, and not an opportunity for barter. I do not accept tasks and chores as payment for My time or attention. Your offer should come from the heart, no strings attached.

DON'T top from the bottom. I can accept some mild playful brattiness from an otherwise excellent sub who has earned the privilege, but I will not tolerate attempts to disrespect our M/s power dynamic. Remember that I am not simply an automaton for you to project your fetishes onto, I am your SUPERIOR. Remain in deference to Me at all times and never question My authority unless you are respectfully making Me aware of a hard or soft limit we are approaching.

DO place the sacred pearl of Trust in your Mistress's hands. When we are together, I consider you in My charge, and I take this responsibility with grave seriousness. I will always respect your limits and your personal information, and I will never compromise your safety or agency. Trust is the foundation of any BDSM relationship, bolstered by the tenets of Risk Aware Consensual Kink (R.A.C.K.). We can spend as much time as is necessary to negotiate our scenes until you are comfortable, so don't hesitate to communicate with Me about these things. I will always offer Aftercare post-session so you can transition peacefully out of subspace and back into your day to day life. During both negotiation and aftercare stages, we are equals, and respect must be 100% mutual. Of course I expect that this trust will extend both ways. I vow to protect yours, so you must also protect Mine.

DON'T ever send me a photo of yourself, and especially your genitals, that I did not directly ask for. This is equivalent to whipping your junk out at a stranger on the subway, and it's abhorrent. I have zero hesitation in blocking troglodytes who behave in this manner.

And most importantly...

DO keep an open mind and and open heart. We are about to embark on one of life's most intimate journeys together, and it should be fun and fulfilling for everyone. My wish is that we build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship that allows for much growth and personal revelation. BDSM can be a beautiful adventure if you manage to check your ego at the door and allow your Mistress to guide you toward novel experiences that enlighten as much as they exhilarate.

Now take My hand and let's get it on!

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