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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a nervous novice. Will You be too hard on me?

I absolutely welcome those who are new to kink! I find it so rewarding to gently guide someone through the beginning steps of exploration, and teach you the true meaning of sensual subservience. In these instances where I take on the role of Guide, I am focused on giving you the space to move through this process of discovery at your own speed. Together, we will slowly pull back each layer of your previous conditioning and reveal within you aspects of empathy, tenderness and fortitude you never knew you had. For this, I recommend you start with shorter sessions or a series of virtual consultations, until our bond of trust has been established. There is no set pace for this...we will move through this landscape very deliberately until you become more comfortable with experimentation, and your limits will always be respected.

Will You leave marks?

Not every submissive wants to walk away from a session bloodied, bruised, and covered in welts. We both have lives outside of our kinks, and sometimes these responsibilities necessitate a more discreet set of protocols. Even with those who prefer to endure intense levels of pain, but still cannot go home to their families with marks on their body, I've managed to develop methods that allow both of these things to be achieved. I have a space in my booking questionnaire where you may indicate what your preferences are in this department, and I will always respect your limits in these areas. 

Do You offer Duos or Multiples?

I sure do! If you think our thrillride is exciting on a bike built for two, wait until you're surrounded by a bevy of Megababes, all working together to make your head spin! I currently have a roster of kinky Friends in Chicago, New York and San Francisco that I can call on for our session, but if you have an Owner or trusted Playmate you would like to join us, I'm open to your suggestions. Of course you'll need to consider that you will be required to compensate all parties involved for their time, at Their prescribed rates as well as Mine.

Will You be fully nude? Can i go down on You/use toys on You?

I prefer to be fully clothed in a session (no less than lingerie), and will only rarely bare My breasts in private for those who have earned it. Our sessions are about what I do to you, not the other way around. I do not offer sexual services, FULL STOP. I expect you to keep your hands and your tongue in check during our sessions, at all times and with no exceptions. This is a hard limit for Me, and any attempts to push My boundaries in this area are a violation of My consent, and will result in the immediate end of our session, along with your being blacklisted from ever booking with Me again. 

How will You respect my privacy?

If there is one thing you will see stated over and over again on all of My pages, it's that your privacy and discretion is of the utmost importance to Me as your Mistress. A BDSM relationship is one that is built on a foundation of trust, and I am committed to protecting this bond in every aspect of our journey together. Being no stranger Myself to the "double life" of juggling adult work and vanilla responsibilities, the perspective I have gained as a "Down-low Domme" has encouraged Me to add multiple layers of safeguards to My business, including double-encryption and data shredding, and you will find My methods to be mutually beneficial. None of your information is stored unnecessarily, and once you have successfully passed screening all of your personal details are scrubbed from My files. I don't use cloud data storage on any of My devices, even in My personal life (I just don't trust it). More detailed information about My privacy protocols can be found on My Booking page and in a subsequent Confidentiality statement in the last page of My booking form.

Can i be Your House Slave?

I get this question a lot, and nearly every time it's from someone who is trying to manipulate Me into catering to their fetishes for free. Which I will absolutely not do. However, for those who have previously taken the time to serve Me in paid sessions, who have done the work toward building trust with Me and proving themselves to be truly service-oriented (a process that takes time and dedication), I will occasionally offer a Job Posting outside a play setting. Ask yourself: What are your skills outside the dungeon? What do you have to offer Me that I can't already provide for Myself? I'm not interested in someone who will turn out mediocre work, and I'm certainly not going to hold your hand or babysit you through a task that I can do better on My own. If I do allow you to serve Me in this way, know that it will not be some sort of sexy fantasy-fulfillment scenario. I will not be adorned in lingerie or latex, and I will not be towering over you the whole time barking orders. This is only something you should consider taking on if you truly want to prove your use to Me outside a scene. You will still be paying Me a tribute for My time having you in My space, and your only objective should be to please Me. This is solely an opportunity that I will make available for someone who has purely selfless aims.

What if i see You in public? Can i say hello?

First of all: No you DIDN'T, and DON'T YOU DARE! Boundaries are sacrosanct to Me, and when I am busy having a life outside our time together, I don't want to see you or hear from you whatsoever. Outside our scenes or prescribed communications, we do not know each other. Any attempt to approach Me outside the confines of our M/s time, stalk Me on My personal social media accounts, show up to any place I am volunteering My time or working one of My vanilla jobs, or violate My boundaries in any respect will result in immediate and permanent banishment from my Queendom, and I will make sure that you are flagged for these transgressions among the other Dommes. Think twice before you do this incredibly creepy and disrespectful shit!

How should i prepare for our session?

What we do in a scene can get really intense, both physically and emotionally. It is important that you show up to your sessions on time, with all requested items, well rested, and in your best physical and mental condition. You won't be able to focus on our activities if you are tired, hungover, or preoccupied. And what we do together will require the utmost focus from you. Ensure that you are showered, nails trimmed, free of stubble, free of heavy hair products or fragrances, and fully healed from any previous illnesses or medical procedures. I offer a moderately detailed medical questionnaire under My booking application, because it is important that I am aware of all of your physical and mental faculties before we play. Safety first! Abstain from eating anything more than light/bland foods in the 12 hours prior to our session, and perform any necessary cleansing of yourself prior to our session.  I may send you into the bathroom at the beginning of our session for an additional shower or cleaning, and I expect to hear no argument from you about it if I do. Be sure that your deposit is paid at the time of booking, and have cash tributes counted out and ready to go in a plain envelope before your arrival. Most of all, ensure that you arrive with a clear head, a willing body, and an open spirit. If you arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the session is cancelled and you will leave immediately, and you forfeit both the deposit and entire tribute amount, no negotiations. Take a look through my Etiquette page for further details on how you can be at your best for Me. And of course, arriving with a cash tip or gift in tow, while not required, is a great idea if you want Me to be excited to play with you again. I tend to give my attention to those who earn it with tokens of their devotion!

Do You offer Distance Domination?

Whether due to your schedule, experience, or financial limitations, I realize that not everyone can commit to an in-person session. I offer phone, text, and Skype sessions so we can stay connected across the miles. Visit My Connect page for links to these resources. 

Are You on OnlyFans/AVNStars/ManyVids etc?

I'll admit that unlike most of My very talented Colleagues, I haven't been much for the content creation aspect of this work, which I realize has become increasingly prevalent among Professionals. I am what some would call a low-volume Provider, which means that I juggle many other non-kinky things in My life that necessitate My keeping this work compartmentalized to a smaller portion of My time and energy. I will occasionally create a clip or photo set to sell on My sites, in addition to the odd custom video or two, and you should consider this a treat. Realize that the creation of "content" is a labor-intensive process that not everyone has the patience for. I assure you that the best experience you'll get from Me is the hands-on aspect of real-time domination, and that is where I prefer to concentrate My energy. Still, keep an eye on My Twitter for content drops.

Why are Your rates set where they are? Can't You give a discount?

At one point of time, long ago, I may have offered a lower rate, when I was a little Baby Domme still learning the literal and proverbial "ropes." But since then, and especially over the last couple of years, I have worked very hard to legitimize this business and increase My levels of expertise. I have spent stacks of My own hard-earned money on classes and intensives, web services, legal services, and equipment. I have poured My sweat and blood into My craft, and I take every aspect of it seriously. My rates reflect all of this, in addition to My willingness to spend My time giving you the highest level of mastery possible. It is expensive to be a professional-level Domme! It's important for you to understand that this is a luxury service, and not simply a utility that just anyone is entitled to. I have done loads of market research, and you will find that My pricing structure is completely fair and in line with what others at My level are offering. I find that My current rates, adjusted to inflation, narrow My clientele pool to a very selective group of devotees, in addition to weeding out boundary-pushers, fetishists, and those who are not as serious about serving. Any attempt on your part to negotiate My terms or limits will be considered a violation of My consent, and doing this will ensure you are left out in the cold, with someone better to take your place.

I don't want to screen. Will you make an exception?

If you wish to be a client of Mine, screening is mandatory. Understand that as a Woman and an adult industry entertainer, this is a safety issue for Me, and I have the right to take these safeguards in order to protect My body and agency. Ideally, you will be able to provide two references of Providers with a legitimate following. If you have minimal experience seeing Professionals and do not have these references, that is okay. Instead, I will require two screening criteria to be fulfilled, one of which must include a valid government ID. Again, all information you provide will be used to run a thorough background check, it will remain secure and discreet, and I do not retain any personal identifying information of yours unnecessarily. (See the question above regarding privacy.) I am also happy to be listed as a reference for any other Providers you work with, you just need to ask Me first.

If you have any further questions, jump over to My Connect page and reach out...

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